Package Receiving on Wellesley Island

Canadians shipping to the border
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address on Wellesley Island, New York”
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For those living along the 401 from Belleville, Napanee, Kingston, Gananoque, and even Brockville, there is an ideal border crossing on Wellesley Island where you can receive packages from US companies. Our Border KinekPoint, Wellesley Island Building Supply,  will act as your US Shipping Address and securely store your packages until you can pick them up. This lets you order from US only companies and avoid international shipping/brokerage on the ones that do ship to Canada. We even send you package notifications by email and text message!

Wellesley Island Building Supply, your Border KinekPoint

Wellesley Island is the main border crossing where the 401 meets Interstate 81 less than 45 minutes east of Kingston and the one you take if you’re going shopping in Watertown, New York. Our border KinekPoint is less than a 5 minute’s drive from the actual crossing and can accept packages of any size or weight. We have a forklift on hand in case you want to ship someone on a pallet too! This makes it the perfect spot to pop-over and pick up an package, or drop by on your way to a weekend shopping trip in Watertown.

Why Ship to Wellesley Island?

Simple. Prices on many items are much lower in the US than up here in Canada. The problem is, when you go to order them, the shipping and brokerage costs often wipe out the benefit. Other times the company won’t even ship to Canada.  This is where we are more than happy to help. We will act as your package receiving location at the border and securely store your packages at our facility until you can pick them up. We’ll also notify you by email and text message when your package arrives!

How to use our Border Package Receiving Service

Using our service takes just a few minutes and you can register for a free Kinek account online at For instructions on how to use our location, visit our Getting Started section.

Kinek has 18 border KinekPoints across the country and is present at almost every major border crossing into the United States. This means that if you live near the border, the chances are there is a border KinekPoint nearby. Kinek also has 1,000 KinekPoints throughout the United States to use when on travelling.

If you have any questions, check out our Contact Us section.

We hope to see a package from you soon!